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About the Author

The author of this website, Dannie Mixon, is currently a graduate student at The University of South Alabama located in Mobile, Alabama. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from The University of Alabama in 2007, and received his Master’s of Education in Secondary Education Social Sciences at The University of South Alabama in 2012. While an undergraduate at The University of Alabama, he played on the drumline in the Million Dollar Band.

Nowadays, the author teaches AP Government and Politics, AP Psychology, IB SL/HL Psychology, and serves as an assistant instructor with the Sound of the Eastern Shore band program at Daphne High School. In his spare time, the author enjoys bartending at Manci’s Antique Club, being a member of a mystic Mardi Gras society, as well as taking frequent trips to New Orleans, Rosemary Beach, Florida, Alabama football games, and spending as much time with his wife, Claire, and daughter Mary Agnes. 

This upcoming May, the author will be participating in a study abroad through The University of South Alabama from May 11-23, 2024. The program is titled, “Holocaust & Genocide in Central Europe,” and is designed to bring students to locations in Central Europe where significant sites of horror and remembrance are located. The trip will feature stops in Berlin, Warsaw, and Krakow, with an entire day dedicated to visiting the Auschwitz-Birkenau complexes.

Photograph from my freshman year at Alabama as a member of the Million Dollar Band, September 2004. Author's collection.
Photograph of my wife, Claire, daughter, Mary Agnes, and me. Author's collection.
Photograph of the current logo of Daphne High School. Author's collection.