Manci's Antique Club



"One of America's Best Bars" - Esquire Magazine

What is Manci’s Antique Club?

Manci’s Antique Club is a full-service restaurant that employs a tight-knit cohort of servers to greet and provide table service to guests and Manci’s features an incredibly relaxed, casual atmosphere for its guests with comfortable, spacious seating that prominently features its large collection of antiques. 

Photograph of the wooden sculpture in the women’s bathroom. Author’s collection.

The restaurant’s overall natural décor, ambience, and feeling like one is stepping back in time are what keep scores of regular customers returning to Manci’s. 


The restaurants continued dedication to its antique namesake transports visitors and regulars alike to their younger days and a chance to find something they felt may have been lost a long time ago.

Photograph of the Frank Manci and Angela Trione building. Author's collection.

What makes Manci’s a great restaurant and building worth visiting is its significance as a historical and cultural landmark for so many along the Eastern Shore and the state of Alabama. The local dive bar has withstood many ups and downs for 100 years, and its resilience to offer good food, great customer service, and create memories for thousands is what makes Manci’s Antique Club a special place!

Photograph from 1933 when the "club" was beginning to form. Author's collection.

Manci’s Antique Club is situated within the Downtown Daphne business community which features a variety of businesses, Daphne City Hall, restaurants, and churches.


GIS photograph showing the Manci’s/Busters tract and connected businesses facing Main St. Author's collection.

To reach Manci’s in Daphne, drive south on Scenic highway 98 and at the intersection of Main Street and County Road 64, drivers can easily find the restaurant and park along the north side of the building or directly behind the restaurant in a newly constructed parking lot.

Watch the episode “Better than Ever” from Season 4, Episode 8 of Guy Fieri’s hit show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives that features Manci’s Antique Club from 2008!